Rape Escape

  • Easy and very effective
  • Requires nothing but your body
  • Includes attack

Very useful to know, pass and share please.

Worth watching

I don’t mean to impose a personal favour on you guys, but I really would like to ask that everyone who follows me reblog this. 

I don’t think I made it very clear but last month I was sexually assaulted by someone who I thought was my friend (I don’t want to talk about it don’t ask), and it’s… really fucked with my head. 

Had I known this a month ago I would have been able to get away

So, essentially, I’m really pleading with you to reblog this so everyone who follows you doesn’t get stuck in the same position I was with no way out. 

I mean again I don’t want the point of this to be my sob story or whatever but if you could reblog this it would seriously mean a lot 

and im asking to all of my followers who see this post in your dashboard to please press play to this video, you never know when this is gonna be useful, PLEASE DON’T IGNORE IT.

This is one of the first moves I was taught in Krav Maga, and it is one of the most effective.

It took me about a half hour to get down with practice, but once you get it, it’s an intuitive movement.

Please pass this along, it will save lives.


Please reblog this.

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Anonymous said: I'm one of the men saying 'not all men', because I honestly consider myself one of those 'not all'. What's the matter about this phrase? I always hear one should not say this, but no one ever tells me why.


I think if you look around even a little, you’ll see tons and tons of explanations for why the phrase “not all men” is at best, useless derailment, and at worst, toxic and dangerous.  But my take on it, to put it as simply as I can without getting too into the many many layers, is to step back from the phrase “all men” and consider the phrase, “any man”

Obviously, not every single man on the planet is a rapist, or a killer, or a misogynist.  But for women, any man has the potential to be.  You have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  Being out in the world, for women, literally every strange man (and even some men they know!) has the potential to be dangerous.  In order to stay safe, women have to treat every strange man as a potential threat.  

Therefor, telling them that not all men are like that is literally completely pointless, because they have no way of knowing that from looking at you.  Rapists do not generally announce themselves.  Indeed, rapists are often excused because of something the victim did.

Instead of crying “Not all men!” to excuse yourself from responsibility or avoid confronting the problem, try and think of ways you can be aware of yourself and your role.  You can be the most harmless dude ever, but if you don’t take responsibility for your role in the patriarchy, yes, simply by existing as a male-identified human being, you are contributing to the problem.  A simple positive step you can take is to call out misogyny or problematic behavior when you see it.  Also, listen to women.

There’s about nine bajillion more layers to this, but I don’t feel totally qualified to talk about them all.


don’t be too clingy
don’t be such a ‘girl’
be a woman
but be hairless like a child

don’t wear skimpy outfits
don’t be such a ‘slut’
be modest
but take it off when i ask

don’t assert yourself
don’t be such a ‘bitch’
be nice to me
but don’t be a fucking doormat

don’t be ignorant
don’t be such a ‘bimbo’
be intelligent
but don’t argue your opinion with me

don’t wear make-up ever
don’t be so ‘insecure’
be yourself
but don’t complain if i don’t like it

I think that a huge problem is people who read comics and don’t understand the point of superheroes, which is to be the best version of yourself. You love Captain America? Well, you know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.

I would like there to be more of a connection between why people read these stories, and how they act. You should see Peter Parker and then want to act like Peter Parker. You shouldn’t want to be Peter Parker because you want to sling webs and punch people. It should be because you want to be someone who lives with the idea of “with great power comes great responsibility.” And that means that the power of the internet and the power of your ability to interact with people, should be treated like a power. You should treat it like a responsibility.


Today in Cool Stuff in the Mail, it’s The Mincing Mockingbird Guide to Troubled Birds, which takes those Anne Taintor magnets I bet EVERY ONE OF YOU has owned at some point and remixes them with, well, troubled birds.

(I’m especially excited about this because previously, everyone I knew had those magnets but I had no idea where they were actually from)

— Petra


"When the Shotgun Questions the Black Boy"- Sonya Renee Taylor

This poem here, fucked me up.

I gotta reblog this. I watch a lot of slam poetry performances, but this is the first one to make me cry at the end. 

Sewing/Cross Stitching Drinking Game!


Drink every time your thread gets knotted
Drink every time you poke yourself
Drink every time you have to re-thread your needle
Drink every time you swear aloud 
Finish your drink when you get aggravated enough to set your project aside to continue later.

So perfect…

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I want to see how much money WB is losing out on by being lukewarm about this

As long as Megan Fox stays very, very far away from this